Garfield Senior High School

Streaming and its revolutionary effects

Whether it’s listening to music through services like Pandora or Spotify or watching a video on YouTube, you’re actively engaging in the art of streaming.

When you stream, you’re able to listen or watch anything you want within a couple of seconds of that video being filmed and, sometimes, you’re even able to watch it live. As you watch or listen to a video or song the file is being downloaded for you to watch and then erased for more data to be downloaded for you to watch. Thus streaming has enabled users to enjoy their favorite shows, films, and music on demand and in endless amounts.

Before streaming, older generations had to wait hours for their favorite songs to download. They had to wait days for their favorite show to air on TV, and if they missed an episode, there was no way for them to recover or rewatch that episode.

This revolutionary effect that streaming has had on the world has made rewatching old shows possible as well as downloading songs faster. Not only has streaming revolutionized the way we listen to songs and watch shows, but its revolutionary effects are being felt throughout many industries.

For the music industry, streaming services have made it possible for anyone to gain a following through social media by providing them platforms to upload their songs for users to listen to. Streaming has made it possible for anyone to start a music career, as has been the case with many artists who were discovered on Soundcloud, like Lil Peep, Russ, Ski Mask The Slump God, and Lil Uzi Vert.

Yet, not only has streaming made it possible for artists to make a living sharing their content online but it’s also made it possible for entertainers to start a career sharing their content on sites like YouTube, as we’ve seen with many popular YouTubers such as such as both the Paul brothers and many more.

These revolutionary effects that streaming is having on nation has created a world for younger generations to experience a world without having to wait for their favorite show or favorite song to air on TV or the radio. Streaming has created a world where people can become famous and make a career from an app or an account. Current generations as well as the ones to follow will experience the new and ever changing effects that streaming has and will be inspired to create now and for the foreseeable future.