Garfield Senior High School

Strength defined


One word, with many different meanings

With many different stories to tell

Defined, it means those closest to you

That provide support, encouragement and

Unconditional love

Some can fulfill this, many do not

They are crushed by the expectations they hand over



A distinct and unfair disadvantage

When raised in the barrio of East L.A. this word defines your future

The raza teaches you to be a

Caregiver, mother, housewife

Dreams forgotten by the responsibility of creating a family



An institution of learning and advancement for everyone

From New York to Boyle Heights kids bubble in circles that bind

That inhibit them from growing as people and instead grow in statistics

From equal opportunity seeds hate and discontent

They disconnect students from each other, separating minorities

And instead of unity, an information deficit occurs



A powerful story told with one word

The struggle of millions defined by it

Binded by the bureaucratic system that

Denied, denies, will deny

The chances, the promises, the aspirations of many


Size 6

Now deemed too big, let’s beauty be defined as a number

No longer are your features unique, but ugly

Brown skin, black skin, any other than white deemed imperfect

Society pushes us down a rabbit hole

Wanting uniformity, getting rid of what makes us


What makes me



These words are a part of who I am

However, don’t misconceive what I say

They describe, but do not define me

Family pressure against me, I challenge what they impose on me

A woman, but I strive for greatness in myself first

Standardized tests threaten to value me in numbers, I inspire others with my story

Society defines beauty as a number, I destroy expectations with confidence


Strength to defy expectations

Strength to go above stereotypes

Strength for others, for myself

Strength is who I am