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The Beginning

Photo courtesy of Bogdan Wankowicz/Dreamstime.com

Frank Sinatra famously sang, “And now, the end is near and so I face the final curtain.” And, to all those seniors, the end of high school is approaching, and yes it is sad, to end such a beautiful chapter in our lives. At this point we enjoy the little time we have and give our final goodbyes to most of our peers. And although it is sad, we must be happy and look forward. We now begin a new chapter in our lives.

All the mistakes we made, and all the lessons we learned are now put to the test, as we go out and face the real world, and begin our lives as adults. Most of us will begin college. We will make new friends, learn new things, and, with vigor, we will pursue our dreams. And just like high school, those four years of college will pass by too fast for us to comprehend.

After the end of that chapter,  we will begin a new one. Some of us will pursue a higher level of education, others will get a job, and just like the end of high school, we look forward with big dreams and aspirations.  When we live our dreams, and become what we have aspired to become we end another chapter in our lives, and we begin another.

Throughout life we will encounter many endings, and many beginnings, so seniors take a moment to look back and think about what we have accomplished. Savor all of this now. Don’t let the experience escape your fingertips, because we will only graduate from high school once, and after that this beautiful chapter, like the ones that ended before, and like the ones that we will live in the future, will not be lived again.

Now some advice for the future. Fail, because failure is the hallmark of success. Question the unknown, and be happy as this ending takes you to the beginning. But in the end, but happy in admitting that you did it “My Way.”

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