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Net neutrality is beneficial to most of the world’s population and to the products of industry itself. Net neutrality promotes innovation and encourages companies to improve their products. Net neutrality should be kept for the sake of having freedom as to what one would like to see on the internet as well as not being limited by the service provider.

Net neutrality should be kept for many reasons that benefit the buyer. They need to have access to sites with fast connections without being blocked from any sites whatsoever. Without the protection that net neutrality guarantees, it might end up costing the buyer more money and time to find the best provider for services they would have for free. However, the repealment of net neutrality would also make it more difficult for new companies to grow and start because they would have to pay more and charge more in order to gain a better audience.  

Net neutrality gives the provider total control over what they allow the buyers to see and watch and whether its censored or uncensored and how fast we are able to load a certain website over another one. They would also be able to charge more if you wanted access to more websites with a higher quality and speed. Not having net neutrality will benefit those with more money because  they will be able to see more and have more access to the internet because they are able to pay. It would also benefit companies that have lanes on the internet while putting a lot of smaller companies out of business because of their inability to pay for a better service.

This means that repealing net neutrality would entirely be beneficial to the providers and help enrich them while not being beneficial for the buyers. It would stop people from having choices on what service they pick since only a very few services will be able to survive and benefit from net neutrality. Not having net neutrality would be a disaster for our society because it would create a larger rift between providers and consumers. Not having net neutrality would be the end to the internet that we once knew. Luxury sites like Netflix or Hulu would be able to stream at fast speeds, but other sites like 4chan may be blocked because providers might not find them useful.

Although some would argue that it would make the internet safer for people since the providers would be able to filter what can be seen and what can not, people want the freedom they have now as they are able to search what they want, when they want.  Net neutrality is good and should be kept for everyone. Let’s keep the people happy and give them choices for what they might want and for the prices that they can afford as well as for their freedom on the internet.

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