Garfield Senior High School

The life of a musician who doesn’t use music sheets

My name is Jose Perez and I really like playing and listening to music. My instrument that I play is drums. The crazy part about me is that I don’t use music sheets.

People tell me that I have a special talent. People ask me if I have ever been to music school and I say no. Then they ask me how I know so much, and I just say that I just listen to the beat of the song, it comes to my head and I can just play along with it.

I have many other things that I like as well like coloring. I don’t really like to draw but I can draw you a dog.

I’m from East Los Angeles. I go to Garfield High School and so far I’m doing well. Sometimes I stress out about school but it’s worth it because I get that A or B (or even a C).

I’m a guy that likes to help people. I like to help the poor even when sometimes I don’t have anything for myself but I still give to people. There are times where I go for a walk and see my new buddy that I made, and when I have money I take him food for him to eat, and if not I tell him, “Sorry, but today I don’t have anything to give you but I’ll give you my company,” and he’s cool with it. But the next day I go and give him a meal.

Giving to the homeless makes me feel good.