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The life of yet another teenager

Since I was born in Montebello, I can’t actually claim the phrase “born and raised in East L.A.” But I’ve lived here for most of my life, so I use it anyways.

Within East Los Angeles, my family has moved around about three different times. Every single time, we moved into a new apartment. I’ve thus grown used to living in a complex with at least three other separate families. It can definitely be inconvenient at times.

Despite this, apartment life is not as terrible as one may think, but rather comforting since if I ever found myself in an awful emergency, I could simply scream for help. With thin walls, there’s a sure guarantee that whoever is next door will hear if you’re loud enough.

To my immediate family, I’m “Stacy,” to my relatives in Mexico, I’m “Vanessa,” and to a few others, I’m “Stassi” (thanks, decathlon!). My family in Mexico find it difficult to say “Stacy,” and if they do say it, they add an “E” in front of the “S” when pronouncing it. But that’s on the rare occasion when they don’t use my middle name, which in their opinion, suits me more. And at school, I’m sometimes referred to as the name used by the German Secret Police during World War II, which resembles “Stacy.” Essentially, there’s no single name used to refer to me.

Academic Decathlon is probably my favorite part about school. This is my third year on my school’s team, and it’s honestly such a great experience. There’s nothing like spending countless hours poring over guides that revolve around one topic! (No, really). The people who you’re around make it worthwhile, and I’ve made really close friends through this program. Decathlon has become a major part of my life, and that’s where most of my time is spent.

Clearly, if I’m in decathlon, then I must like reading, even if just a little bit, right? Right. I love books, and it saddens me that I don’t have nearly enough time to read for pleasure. But books have definitely influenced me, since I’m most likely going to major in English.

I’m a 17-year-old senior from Garfield High School. I’m a decathlete and a reader. I’m Stacy Hernandez.

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