Garfield Senior High School

The Path to College

College can be terrifying and for others college can be exciting. We’ve all heard many things about college from our parents, siblings, friends or teachers. We’ve heard their opinions, experiences, and suggestions, but it’s not until the very last day of high school that you start thinking, “what am I going to do when I get there?”

This is probably the first and most terrifying question that every incoming freshman asks when they’re going to college.

By this time some might know what they want to study but there are many who still don’t know what the future holds. There are also many who don’t know by the time they’re in college, which becomes a very scary and concerning thing because we’re told to know before our senior year.

However, this decision does not become important until your second year in college. It may be a help to others by try to focus on what their career path may be, but it stresses the majority of seniors.

College is meant to be a stepping stone towards the future and a higher education. It also gives students the opportunity to change their intended majors in case they have doubts about the first major we choice. In reality, college is a place where students can figure out who they are and plan their future holds, so don’t feel pressured to know right away.