Garfield Senior High School

Opinion: The problem with gun control

CNN Student News has reported 17 school shootings since January 1. The topic of gun control should has been addressed since the first school shooting, but after some time, the conversation for a change in gun laws stopped. However, the gun control movement has gained a lot of traction after the massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida when students began protesting and walking out of class, fighting together for gun reform.

The answer from politicians: create a safer environment by arming teachers. This  is not a good idea and it will not solve the problem. According to Google, the definition for a teacher is “a person who teaches, especially at a school”. A teacher is supposed to teach, not arm themselves and protect students from harm. Politicians believe that with the right amount of training a teacher should be allowed to have a gun in class, but they are trying to solve a problem with what is causing the problem. Anyone can cause a shooting.

Teachers are still human and they go through things just like anyone else. Many shooting are caused by an extreme clouding of judgment because of overpowering emotions, and everyone — even teachers — can experience a moment of weakness, whether it be from their emotions or their forgetfulness. Having quick, easy access to a weapon at a school might not be a good idea.

Other suggest the banning of weapons. This is not only an irrational idea, but an impossible one. The second amendment gives rights to citizens to form a militia and bear arms, and denying Americans this right, chaos will consume the nation. Having the ability to own a handguns is a right to safety, and many who own guns often do it for the protection of their family and those closest to them. This leads to a very important question: are guns more important that lives?

Although the answer seems simple, banning guns completely is controversial, and many who fight for reform aren’t looking to do this. They just want to reform the access to guns in the nation. When the students from Douglas High School had a chance to talk to a member of the NRA, Dana Loesch, Loesch kept repeating how a gun should have never been in the hands of an unstable person like Nikolas Cruz, but it was. Stricter gun laws sure can help the situation. An 18 year-old should not be able to purchase a weapon.

Another idea that has been brought up to try to limit guns would be safer schools. Politicians know how hard it would be to ban guns so  making schools safer, seems like a viable option. Making learning institutions safe is more important than ever because of increasing violence over the years. Having more armed officers in schools will make the students safer.

Like in the Maryland shooting the officer was trained for situations like that so when the situation came up he had no problem dealing with it. He responded to the gun man like he was trained to do. Two people were shot yet the officers quick response saved many lives. Im sure having more security and police officers in schools will make students feel safer, and the security would help to keep anyone with a gun outside of schools.

Many have different ideas of how gun violence should be dealt with. Some say ban guns, others want to arm teachers. Some individuals want safer schools or stricter gun laws. There is really no easy simple way to go about this but something surely must be done.