Garfield Senior High School

The way in which we stream

Streaming is a way we entertain ourselves. Every person with an electronic device can stream by downloading an app. For videos, YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix are our biggest providers. There are also apps like Pandora, iTunes, and Spotify where consumers listen to whatever kind of songs they want.

The time consuming action of having to download videos or movies before watching is a thing of the past. Mostly everyone now streams because it’s an easier way to watch their favorite videos or movies. Not only do some providers offer their content for free, the emobile apps don’t consume an enormous amount of storage on devices. They do, however, offer a way to download their content in case a consumer doesn’t have internet for a period of time. The only disadvantage would be that this service comes with a paid subscription, so those that don’t pay may have to deal with the time consuming buffering.

Live streaming is a relatively new form of streaming. It offers a platform for people to show what they are experiencing in that very moment. Anyone is allowed to watch it and reply to what that person is doing. Some people use live streaming as a way to show different emotions towards an event or a topic. This type of live streaming has proven to be dangerous. For example, in the article by Valeria Edwards titled, “Girl, 19, is given six years in prison for killing her sister, 14, in horror car crash she live streamed while drunk behind the wheel”  informs us about how a 14 year old girl was killed in an accident because her older sister was ivestraming while driving. This irresponsible use of the medium warns others.

However, this is an extreme example of live streaming, there are also good things about it. Many have used it to make a life for themselve, weather by “vlogging” their life or by playing a video game online for others to enjoy. There are always two sides to using something. The good and the bad tach others to use new up-and-coming services responsibly.