Garfield Senior High School

The world of streaming

Streaming is a way of watching and listening to different things online. Content that can be streamed ranges from sports to music and even live Television. I mainly use music streaming like Apple Music. However, unlike other music streaming sites, it comes at a price: $10 a month.

Many people say that it is too much money to “just listen to music” but I think that it’s worth it because you don’t have to listen to the ads and the quality of the music is just all around better. Although apps like Pandora and Spotify offer music for “free,” consumers are plagued with ads. They do, however, offer premiums for members that do pay.

Besides music, there are other streaming sites that offer different content.You can now stream yourself playing video games where viewers watch you play and sometimes they can even donate money to the gamer to continue playing while streaming.

Let’s start with YouTube, the biggest platform where you are able to watch videos that the creators upload on their channels. Besides uploading, there is also a streaming compatibility where creators stream on the site and the company then pays them per view on that specific live stream.

There are also apps that are just meant for streaming, like Twitch Tv. It is mainly used for streaming video game gameplay, but it’s vastly different from YouTube. Unlike YouTube, Twitch Tv allows the creator to edit the live stream.

Live TV streaming has also become popular in recent years. While  sometimes you do pay for the service, it sometimes comes along with your cable provider’s package. With Live TV, you can watch any tv show or channel at any time. There are ways that this service comes with a big cost because with a big platform comes premiums.

Let’s say you want to watch soccer on TV, but you need to have a special channel that no normal TV has installed in it. You now have to call the streaming provider and then pay for that special “sports package” of very selective channels.

Now don’t get me wrong, to some it may be an advantage,  but there are many channels that are just plain useless if you just want to watch sports or tv-shows. This becomes especially true if you only got the streaming provider to just watch the soccer championships or the world series. That means that the rest of the channels are just a waste of money and you basically are throwing your money out the window.

Netflix is also a huge streaming app that lets you watch all these shows and movies, but you also have to pay from $8-$14 depending on the type of quality you watch your programs – either High Definition or Ultra HD- and how many people can use the streaming service at one time.

I personally have Netflix and for me, it’s worth it, especially if you’re really into recent shows or the latest movies. Not only can you stream on Netflix, you are able to also download some of them in order to watch them when you don’t have any signal or internet, which comes in handy if you are going on a road trip.

In the end many people have their different opinions on where to watch and where to listen to their music streaming. Many people prefer not to spend money on these types of things because they think that it is just a waste. Believe me, I was one of them and now I have apple music which I pay for and Netflix, which for me is essential when I have nothing to do.