Garfield Senior High School

Unforeseen expectations for first generation

As many people face challenges in this world, we are not really able to predict the future or what will become of our lives. Nevertheless, what matters is what you are striving for and what you desire to become in the future.

Therefore, as a first-generation student I believe that it is a privilege to be first-generation because we get the opportunity to attend college and get a job we desire to do for the rest of our lives. However, being first generation has its advantages and disadvantages. But it all depends on the perceptions of an individual.

For instance, being first-generation comes with its perks because you are typically making your own choices when it comes to selecting your own school to study at or field of interest. In other words, first-generation students have much more freedom because they are the first to learn the ins and outs of college in comparison to the young adults who have parents that went through the process of applying to college and furthering their education by graduating with a college degree. In other words, parents with a degree have more experience with the educational system.

On the flip side, parents of first-generation students are passive with their children’s education and, thus, rarely understand that first-generation students are able to accomplish their goals. In contrast, being first-generation could be a disadvantage because you often do not have an example to follow and lack adequate help. Yes, your parents will always be there to offer their support but the reality is that they would not know how to guide you through the college process or advise you as to what’s best.

No need to worry, I strongly believe that there are more advantages to being first-generation than disadvantages. For instance, you will have a constant source of motivation from your family because you will be the first in your family to pursue a degree. Thus, your family’s support can push you even further towards success because they are usually our primary source of encouragement to accomplish our goals.

Also, you don’t have to be overly hard on yourself since just setting foot on a college campus is a great accomplishment. Moreover, you should not be pressured to do everything perfectly.

Finally, being first-generation does not mean that you will be alone without support or assistance.

On the contrary, our first generation status gives us the best support system we could ask for because outside of school there is a network of family, friends, and mentors who will always offer their assistance. Hence, we must reach out by seeking help and taking advantage of the new opportunities so that we can determine our own goals with the help that is offered since we can expect to face unique challenges in college.

Overall, anything is quite possible if you have a positive mentality to accomplish your future goals as you become the first in your family to attend college. College will not be easy  because there will be various hurdles and you must find solutions to overcome these hurdles on your own. Being first-generation is not simple, but anyone can get anywhere they desire.

If a person is first-generation, then the individual should understand that lots of help will be necessary to move forward. But never fear, the first-generation students who aspire for a college education have the determination to compete for a valuable education that will change their lives forever.