Garfield Senior High School

What captivates you?

Ever since we were small, we enjoyed all different types of entertainment. Even now, we still look for something to entertain us, no matter what age we are. But people are entertained by all sorts of different things.

For example, children are entertained by clowns, movies, and videos games. Adults and teenagers entertain themselves by going out with friends or family, watching television, and especially using their phones to post on social media. My entertainment, on the other hand, is something different from most people. I really enjoy taking pictures of the world around me, exploring new places, and learning how to dance to different types of music.

Today, technology has been advancing and capturing everyone’s attention. Children are playing with their electronics for hours instead of going outside and playing with their friends but they aren’t the only ones becoming distracted by technology.

On the contrary, teenagers and adults can’t seem to detach themselves from their phones. Indeed, electronics are taking over as our primary form of entertainment all over the world. For instance, if parents take away their child’s electronics, the child will start crying or complaining because they want it back. While it’s fine for children to use their electronics for a few minutes a day, using it for hours might be too much.

I like to use my phone but I do limit my time spent on an electronic  device. As I said previously, at this time, my primary form of entertainment comes from taking pictures of different everyday objects inside and outside my home such as my dog, the weather and flowers. I like to go out and explore areas I haven’t been to on my free time such as being on top of a building at downtown LA.

I want to travel to different places such as New York, Paris and Hawaii to take pictures of everything that is there because I would never want to forget how everything looks if I ever get the chance to go. Taking pictures can release all your stress, it’s like an escape where you can only be by yourself and only think about yourself and not anything else.

Everyone is different and likes to do different things on their own time. Some people go out with friends and others stay inside their homes to entertain themselves. However, more and more people, including children, are becoming too occupied with their phones for entertainment.

Everybody should enjoy their life by finding something they really like to do. Something they like being entertained by. Just how I like being entertained by taking pictures.