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Garfield Senior High School

What immigrants do to help

The definition for first generation immigrants pertains to a person’s nationality or residency in a country. There are actually two definitions for first generation. A first generation individual can be a native-born citizen or resident of a country whose parents are foreign-born. The second definition is a foreign-born citizen or resident who has immigrated to a new country of residence. I got the definition from an online articles.

America is composed of and depends on first generation immigrants. Immigrants do everything. They work hard, they provide a significant labor force, and they want to prosper similar to the typical American. Without them, America would be nothing.

First generation immigrants should be appreciated the most overall. America is full of so many different cultures. Yes, we are all different but we all have unique and important skills.

Immigrants are making changes in this world and American citizens should begin to recognize that. Immigrants have always been vital assets to the U.S. economy and contribute greatly to the nation’s total economic output and tax revenue. In 2013, for example, immigrants added $1.6 trillion to total U.S. gross domestic product, or GDP. Economists have found that immigrants complement native-born workers and increase the standard of living for all Americans. Additionally, as consumers in local communities, immigrants create demand for small businesses and strengthen the economy.

Immigrant entrepreneurs have also played a significant role in advancing technological innovation and creating businesses. In fact, more than 40% of Fortune 500 companies in 2010 were founded by immigrants or their children. This includes both major companies from the past few decades such as AT&T, Apple, and Google and also older giants, such as McDonald’s, General Electric, and Bank of America.

This is why we should really care for the immigrants and what a big part they have here in America.