Who says being a screenager is bad?

For starters, what is a screenager? A screenager is a person, in their teens or early twenties, that has an aptitude for technology and spends an abundant amount of time on the internet. The term “screenager” definitely has a negative connotation associated with it because we, as screenagers, have an addiction and are disconnected from the real world. More often than not, these wide-held opinions discourage those born in this millennium. In reality, screenagers very might well be part of the greatest generation in the history of the human race. In a world where technology is taking leaps into the future, screenagers will have the upper hand and it’s time we realize it. Screenagers will have the best shot at obtaining a job than those that came before us and we will become the leaders of the next generation.

Being a screenager in modern times will almost certainly get you a job almost anywhere because of one simple fact: technology is ubiquitous. Nowadays, people are so dependent on technology that it has become a part of who we are and a fundamental aspect of everyday life. Technology not only serves to make the lives of the affluent easier but those of workers as well. Indeed, many companies, such Google and Bing, have begun to utilize even more sophisticated technology which welcomes more job opportunity and employment. In the article “Spotify, IBM and Google Using AI to Make Human Musicians Extinct? AI is learning to write pop music. Hide your ears” by Kevin Maney, it states, “He’s careful not to sound like some kind of musical Dr. Frankenstein. Instead, Pachet talks about building AI that can be a songwriting partner, ‘like the Lennon that needs a McCartney,’ he said in one interview. ‘We are building companions and collaborators who are smart enough to give good ideas to humans, but they are not sufficient to create it all on their own.’” To recap, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) is being used to help create hot new singles that doesn’t go through the process of having to hire so many artist and singers to make some. This is where being a screenager comes quite in handy. Being part of the generation that has become the most integrated with technology, understanding sophisticated machinery is highly beneficial. If you notices the article talked about an AI that helps create music, not all on its own, meaning there is still some human to help the AI, whether it be with music or its own operating system. People may see this as yet another job machines are taking from people, but for us, the screenagers, it opens up doors of opportunity for work. Most computers use the same type of software that our phones use and future jobs will likely require a person to be well-acquainted with this kind of software. It’s almost guaranteed that in the coming years every job known to man will involve technology in any capacity.

Screenagers also have the responsibility of leading the next generation on the correct path. The generations that come after the screenagers will have the same involvement, if not more, with technology. It’s their job to make sure those generations surpass what the screenagers have done. Screenagers will showcase what technology is capable in the hands of those who know how to use it. Since we are the first of our kind, it is up to us to ensure that we share our experiences. Above all, it is our job to secure the future and to make sure the next generations do not make the same mistakes screenagers did. The belief of being addicted to technology and developing less social skills is just that – a belief. Ultimately, an increase in involvement in technology has more upsides than downsides and screenagers will greatly benefit from all of them.

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