Garfield Senior High School

Your options, well, at least according to your aid

For all seniors, high school is coming to an end. Seniors are now held responsible for finding a college to attend in the fall, if they choose to continue their education. There are many colleges around the world that we have the opportunity to select as the “one” for us. In this way, college becomes a big step in someone’s life; it is a stepping stone towards a hopefully fulfilling career. Yet, anxiety follows the application process because we are diving into the unknown.

Not only do we face the rejections, but also what the acceptance letters mean for our future. College is something all students and parents should think about, especially when it comes to answering the biggest question: how am I going to pay for my education?

Every parent wants their children to apply to colleges in order for them to have an education and to have a better future. Applying to college is easy. It’s the “getting-accepted” part that can be quite difficult because you are competing with thousands of students just like you.

In order to get accepted into any one college, students have to do their best during their four years of high school. Instead of the 4.0 student of the past, now colleges expect a “well-rounded” applicant. This means that a student doesn’t necessarily have to have stellar grades, but has shown success in other fields, ranging from community oriented-ness or athletic ability.

This makes getting accepted into your dream college quite exciting, and all the more challenging. But, there are always great success stories to keep us grounded. A 17-year-old student from textas didn’t expect to get accepted to his dream college.

For example, a CNN article by Isabella Gomez and Christina Zdanowicz states, “Michael Brown applied to 20 best colleges and got a full ride to all of them.”

This shows how putting all your effort into high school can pay off by getting accepted to any college you want to go to.

Yes, getting accepted to a college can be exciting but knowing the cost can bring conflicting emotions regarding your decision. The income of your household and your GPA can determine the amount of money you’ll receive from the government. Apart from federal aid, though, most of the time your parents might need to pay out of pocket as well. This is where scholarships and grants come in.

Applying for scholarships can cover some of the costs that some colleges require. This is why it’s important to discuss the college cost with your parents and try to apply to as many scholarships as you can.

On another note, college is not for everyone and it’s important to think about this and talk to your parents about your decision too. If you decided to go to college you should be committed and make the money you spend worth it. If you decided that college is not where to go after high school then think of what is your next step because it will impact your future.

Over all, college is something that we should all think about. Applying for colleges and getting accepted can help you achieve the career you want to study. Scholarships can help you out with the cost of school payments. As students, we should talk to our parents about it and make sure we are choosing what most benefits us because it is a momentous decision.