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Five small clothing brands to look out for

The fashion world is bursting with talented designers. Here are a few up and comers to check out!
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December 29, 2021
Navigating the world of fashion can be challenging and confusing for many. It can be hard to discern trendy pieces from quality staples, especially when all the prices feel outrageous. Below are a few new labels that are producing timeless clothes inspired by current trends. Head to their Instagram pages to check them out!

Juliet Johnstone (@julietjohnstone)

Photo courtesy of @julietjohnstone

Juliet Johnstone began her career by studying fine arts at Parsons. One day, after running out of canvases, she decided to paint on a pair of pants. After getting compliments on her design, she launched the now popular brand, Juliet Johnstone.

Known for their hand-painted designs on dead stock vintage apparel, Johnstone sells pants, baby-tees, hats, tanks, swimsuits and sweatsuits. Her designs gained more recognition after it-girl Bella Hadid was spotted sporting custom JJ pants on Instagram in April 2020.

Now, JJ manufactures their own apparel in-house, and digitally prints most of Johnstone’s designs to ensure the utmost quality. The iconic JJ carpenter pants are still one of a kind and hand-painted though!

Paris Georgia (@paris__georgia)

Photo courtesy of Paris Georgina

Paris Georgia was founded in 2015 with sustainability and affordability in mind. Paris Mitchell Temple and Georgia Cherrie started their brand with $10,000 and inspiration from the chic looks of the 90s. Their designs are made from Italian fabrics and manufactured almost entirely in New Zealand. Supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Sofia Richie have been spotted sporting their newest designs. Paris Georgina is now selling their 4th collection on numerous shopping sites.

Pretties Venice (@pretties)

Pretties’ story begins with Linda Meltzer, a young stylist who founded Tease Tees in 1993. She sold what are now known as baby tees, after being inspired by her older sister’s “French cut” t-shirts.

The company was extremely successful with supermodels like Kate Moss and Drew Barrymore wearing the tops often. Before the company folded in 2001, Meltzer’s designs were featured in “Friends,” “Clueless” and “90210.” Meltzer started Pretties in 2016, taking inspiration from her previous designs. She created quality sleepwear and brought back her iconic baby tee design.

The brand has amassed a cult following of young women in the past few years. Meltzer has said that she loves interacting with female supporters of her brand, they inspire her to keep designing!

Nii Hai (@nii.hai)

Nii Hai was founded in 2019 by the British designer Rosie Williams. Williams started the brand after graduating law school and moving to London. She took inspiration from the contrasting lifestyles in her hometown, Mallorca and London. Hai aims to innovate in the fashion industry, showcasing contemporary and atypical designs. Cutout tops, leather pants and plastic purses paired with artistic shots and interesting models create a futuristic image for the developing brand. Nii Hai is designed for a woman of the future.

Lolita Jade (@lolitajadeusa)

Photo courtesy of Lolita Jade

Lolita Jade was started by then 17-year-old Lola Keyer in early 2020. She makes fluffy tote bags from her living room in Los Angeles, Calif.

The brand took off with the help of social media and smaller influencers who promoted her brand. Notable celebrities like Madison Beer, Olivia O’ Brien and Devon Lee Carlson have been seen with Lolita Jade bags.

Although Lolita Jade now makes a variety of different items including leather purses, backpacks and hats, they still sell their iconic fluffy tote. Keyer’s designs take inspiration from 90s trends and the California lifestyle. The product photography is unique and shot with influencers that the company’s consumer base are familiar with. Keyer recently launched Lolita Jade’s sister brand Violet Daisy.