COVID-19 & Education podcast: Episode 1 – School’s out!

Is the United States high school education system failing the COVID-19 test?

Throughout this podcast series, we will examine how the shutdown is not just changing education right now, but how it causes both challenges and opportunities that can help us improve an education system in the United States that is lacking in many different ways.

Episode 1 mainly focuses on:

  • News on the upcoming 2021 High School Year
  • Comparing the Private versus Public school distance learning experience
  • What it means to be a high school student in the 21st century

Tiger parents during the quarantine. Proximity friends during school. Come listen to us discuss it all in Episode 1 of COVID-19 & Education: School’s Out! Check out our episode on the High School Insider SoundCloud.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 & Education podcast: Episode 1 – School’s out!

  1. Atussa Kian – I am a young, aspiring writer from Los Angeles! I love expressing myself creatively, whether it be through writing, film, clothing design, or photography. I am looking forward to publishing my own novels in the future.
    Atussa Kian says:

    I love everything about this. The podcast title, music, and the topics covered were all excellent! I can’t wait to listen to episode 2!

    1. Rani Chor – Rani is the Editorial Editor of her school paper and a Student Advisory Board member at HS Insider. In her leisure, she enjoys playing volleyball, interviewing strangers and feeding her ongoing distaste for oxford commas. Her driving passion — advocating for children while continuing the momentum of social justice movements across the globe. Also, she'll understand if you pronounce her name wrong: just don't anglicize it.
      Rani Chor says:

      Love the feedback Atussa!

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