Rani Chor, a junior at Glen A. Wilson High School contends that the next U.S. president should prioritize the youth's safety, education and well-being. (Rani Chor)
Glen A. Wilson High School

Message to my next president: The youth are our future — prioritize our safety and education

Dear future president,

I want a leader who serves everyone, not just those who are old enough to vote. As a young person, my worth should not be measured by my potential to contribute to the labor market or pay taxes. I’m sick of politicians touting that I must create a “better world“ for tomorrow’s generation when they themselves are not actively considering youth when creating policies. 

Right now, the United States’ 74 million children are growing up in a time of incredible uncertainty and strife. My little brother’s vulnerability scares me. He is growing up under a nightmarish, blood-red sky while public services that deliver his vital medications are forced to close. Surviving is no longer enough. He deserves to grow up in a country that allows him to thrive. One where every political decision is measured by its impact on the health and well-being of the country’s future: children.

I ask that you ratify resolutions like the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child to send a clear message that our humanity is still of great importance to this nation. I’m tired of seeing yet another disheartening study showing how the United States places last in supporting its families. We deserve a president who views the pandemic as the health crisis that it is.

One who proudly leads a country that prioritizes the education, safety and happiness of its most vulnerable citizens. I ask that you truly take leadership on children’s rights on the national and international stage. 

I want to leave this world better than I found it. You do, too. Do not forget who you are fighting for. Do not forget me, my little brother or the millions of other American children now that you are in office. 



Rani Chor

Glen A. Wilson High School

Hacienda Heights