Glen A. Wilson High School

Message to my next President: We need decisive leadership against disasters like COVID-19

Dear Future President,

Now more than ever, we need a president that will lead and protect the people of the United States. We are knee-deep in turmoil and are sinking deeper and deeper. With all these problems going on around the world, the US is suffering.

From the hurricanes slamming the East Coast to the fires igniting the West and a virus that is reaping thousands of lives daily, we need someone to take control of the country and shield the people of this nation from any more losses. 

So what can you do for the people in need?

Well first, you can help by not ignoring the issues we face. By diminishing or ignoring the severities of a disaster, you will single-handedly worsen the possible consequences.

Next, you can help by increasing funding for those in need. These people are without shelter and food, and their lives are running on a thin line. Disaster relief is crucial to the people in need and will save countless lives. 

All this particularly applies to the virus that has killed thousands of Americans. As the next president, you can get the COVID-19 pandemic under control. 

Warn the people of all its potential dangers. Many citizens are still out and about without masks and are not respecting social distancing practices because they do not think that the novel coronavirus is a threat. Undermining the harm and gravity of this breakout will lead to more lives lost.

Mandate the use of masks throughout the country with no exceptions. Invest more money into research developing vaccines and other treatments for the disease. Increase testing to find where the virus i  and implement contact tracing to hunt it down.

We know how to defeat this virus — you just need to lead us in doing so.

Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or a third party, the lives of the US citizens should come first. As president, you should take it as your responsibility to protect the people. We do not need someone who hides away from the issue; we need someone to stand up first and help get the people of America back on their feet.


Alex Li 

Glen A. Wilson High School

Hacienda Heights, CA