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Golden Valley Boys Soccer Adapts Under New Coach

The Golden Valley Boys Soccer Team has had its ups and downs through the years. With coaches coming and going, the boys had some hope of stability with Coach Memo but that all changed when he was replaced by Interim Coach Freddy Wheeler.

With the new coach and the season already underway, the players’ emotions were everywhere. Many of the boys have accepted the change and chose to move forward.  With the season in full swing, the team is working hard to adjust to Coach Wheeler’s style. The first few games have been rough as the coach and players attempt to get to know each other.

They opened up the season against Antelope Valley, which ended in a 4-0 loss, though the second game vs. Highland was a little better. Even though the result was the same, it was a bit closer with Highland coming out with a 3-1 victory.

Against Little Rock, the team had their best game of the young season. However, the result was the same with a 1-0 loss to Little Rock. The team has picked up a 2-1 win against Palmdale Aerospace Academy.

With all the changes, in the coaching staff another big change was at one of the most important positions, goal-keeper.

“We all need to stay together and keep working hard and move on forward,” Emerson Chavarria, who transferred in from South Gate High School, said.

Despite the losses and one win, the team is using the pre-season to get to know each other, build chemistry and to get familiar and comfortable with Coach Wheeler’s expectations.

“All the players need to forget the past and they need to work for each other no matter who the coach is,” Wheeler said.

Jarvis Ramirez, a senior, has been in the program all four years. He has experienced several coaching changes throughout his career as a Grizzly.

“It is a very emotional change because we all thought we were going to have some stability in our coaching system but that all changed, now all that we can do is adapt and just play the sport we love playing,” said Ramirez. “We have to play for ourselves.”

Junior Cobi Villalba, a three year program member has also experienced a lot of change.

“Yes, we lost someone who we all loved, but now that is the past,” Villalba said. “We just have to forget everything that has happened, we are so lucky playing the game on a beautiful campus.”

Coach Wheeler’s main goal is to have everyone move forward and focus on playing soccer. With the program struggling to find success  throughout the years, the coach will try to bring success this year by instituting a more disciplined routine in practice.

“We know what’s expected of us and Coach Wheeler has made that clear,” mid-fielder Wilmar Alas said.

The team is working hard during their non-league schedule, not worrying about wins but team chemistry and improvement. As the pre season begins to wind down the league opener looms.

The Hart Indians who are always a favorite to win the Foothill League is the Grizzlies first opponent.  Last year these two teams faced off twice in league play with the final scores being 4-0 and 3-1.

The second game of the season will be against Canyon. Last year Golden Valley tied them with a 1-1 score. The second time they went up against each other GV took that win with 2-0 score, beating Canyon at their own home.

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