(Photo by Anthony Moskal)
Golden Valley High School

Students visit Time-Warner studio to watch ‘The Lake Show’

Once again, due to the wonderful people I have come in contact with over my years being a coach and teacher, I got to bring a few of my students an experience they will remember forever and hopefully keep them on track to enter the wonderful field of sports broadcast journalism.  On April 15, Chris McGee invited us to the Time-Warner studio to watch “The Lake Show” that he hosts with A.C. Green and James Worthy.

The students got a first-hand view of how much work goes into the production of the show.

Being in the control room showed them that there are a lot of people responsible for getting a show on the air.  From technical people to directors, producers, video people, graphics people, tape people, sound technicians, camera operators, make up people they learned it’s more than just showing up and talking about The Lakers.

From Coordinating Producer AJ to everyone we met on our tour, thank you so much for helping my students see what it takes to get into this business.  Here are their first-hand accounts.

Nash Soliman

On April 15, I was fortunate enough to take trip down to TWC Sportsnet studio. We took a tour of the facility, everything from control rooms to studios. It was an experience of a lifetime. I learned how an “on air” production is run. My favorite part about it was watching the Lakers pre-game show live while  Chris McGee, James Worthy, and A.C Green were “on air”  while we sat in the actual studio. I honestly got a feel for what it could be like to work for a sports production company just by being in the atmosphere, I could only imagine what it could be like to actually have a job there. Like I said, an experience of a lifetime

Nick Herrera

Last Friday I had a great opportunity to go to the TWC Spotsnet studio and see how the pregame show of a Laker game is done. It was an amazing experience to learn how a professional production is run. They first took us on to a tour of the whole area. Then they took us into the control room which was very cool. We got to see Access Sportsnet Lakers live from the control room. I learned that there is someone in the control room who talks into the ears of the reporters. After that we actually got to see the pregame set live with Chris McGee, James Worthy, and A.C Green. It was an amazing atmosphere and is something that sold my mind on what I would love to do for a living.

Tyler Schumann

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Time Warner sports studio to see behind the scenes of “The Lake Show”. Along with watching the actual show, I was able to take a tour of the control room and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ pre-game show studio. I was able to meet Lakers legends A.C. Green and James Worthy, along with sports broadcaster Chris McGee. I enjoyed this experience because it gave me a taste of what this career path offers. Being someone who is more interested in what goes on behind the camera, I was happy to also see the producers and stage managers work, along with the camera guys and sound guys. I was glad to see how friendly everyone was and how willing they were to show us exactly what they do and how they got to the position they are in. Being someone that is in the military, I enjoyed how everything seemed to be on a tight time line, the feeling of working in stressful situations appealed to me and made me even more interested in getting involved in this field.