Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore.
Granada Hills Charter High School

Donald Trump: The exception (Satire)

Donald Trump is, in short, the exception. He has garnered the support of not only the wealthy but also the educated by pointing out how a certain group of people are obviously the cause of America’s problems: immigrants. Therefore, the only logical solution is to get rid of immigrants. So, how do we get rid of immigrants? We send them back to their home countries. What about the immigrants that we want to keep? They can stay.

In a speech to Liberty University in January, Trump firmly stated that he believes he can “build a wall” between Mexico and the United States in order to put a full stop to unwanted immigration. Trump has never specifically stated how he plans on going through with the construction of the wall, followers assume that the plan is still in its early stages.

Trump was one of the few self-funded candidates in the 2016 Presidential Election, and according to Forbes, he is worth $4 billion. It appears that the newly appointed president of the United States might even be able to finance the project himself. No other politician has ever proposed such a solution and that in itself is remarkable and makes him worthy of acclaim.

Additionally, Trump has an incredible eye for detail and has managed to see that the underprivileged in society are those suffering. It is no secret that the education system in America’s roughest neighborhoods is terrible. According to Forbes, Trump himself has noticed that the Common Core system is a “disaster” and that the education system should be “local and all that”. He clearly has a plan for America.

Trump is leading America into a new age of economic prosperity. America’s rich and beautiful will continue to prosper and there will soon be no more poverty. According to the U.S. Census, only a quarter of American youth are descended from immigrants. That means only a small number of America’s youth will need to be sent back to their native countries. In the end, everyone is happy. America’s immigrants and their families will be able to return to their homeland and white America will rule.