Made in L.A. 2018 features LA-based artists of all ages at the Hammer Museum. (Photo by Omar Rashad/LA Times HS Insider)
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‘Made in LA’ 2018 breathes diversity into art at the Hammer Museum

Angeleno artists embrace the many identities of Los Angeles through a variety of mediums at “Made in LA” 2018 on display at the Hammer Museum in Westwood until Sept. 2.

“Made in LA,” features 33 artists’ unique takes on contemporary LA culture through an immersive, interactive experience. Showcasing everything from hand-woven tapestries to oil painting to performance art, the Hammer Museum reflects a diversity of lived experiences and expression from artists aged 29 to 97.

The youngest artist, 29-year-old Diedrick Brackens’ display includes a series of hand-woven tapestries that delve into narratives from his childhood and their relationship to his masculinity. Conversely, the oldest featured artist, 97-year-old Luchita Hurtado explores figurative representations of the female body through traditional paintings, though her work is far from conventional.

Other mediums on display include photography, sculptures, paintings and several variations of mixed media. Artist Aaron Fowler’s mixed media installation “El Camino” is composed of car parts, mirrors, poker tables and other objects many might deem as trash.

Curatorial Associate MacKenzie Stevens explained that the importance of art in Los Angeles is to connect communities. In her 10 years as a L.A. resident she has become familiar with the city’s unique identity and the significance of art.

“It [LA] just has this sensibility to it that I think is very appealing to artists who are looking to experiment and push their practices. I think this city really affords them a lot of opportunity to do that,” Stevens said.

All artists featured in “Made in LA” are eligible to win Mohn Awards, gifted by its namesakes Jarl and Pamela Mohn in tandem with other donors. Of the three types of awards offered, the winner of the $25,000 Public Recognition award is solely determined by the vote of Hammer Museum attendees.

“Made in LA” represents the many artistic personalities that congregate in Los Angeles and provides a home for their distinctive art. “Made in LA” is open in the Hammer Museum at 10899 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif., 90024 until Sept. 2.

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(Photo by Omar Rashad)