Photo by Felipe Micaroni Lalli of Wikimedia Commons:
Granada Hills Charter High School

Making mistakes online

Recently an article that I wrote received a lot of attention. After reading some of the comments, I requested to have the article removed when I realized that I didn’t have my facts straight and that the article overall was misleading. I did not want to offend any more people so I asked that the article be taken down.

I do not want to simply erase and forget about my mistake and I intend to learn from it and write articles that are better put together in the future. At first, this experience seemed like a completely negative one to me. I was upset that I had made a mistake and not only that but I had upset many people. Some of the comments I thought were a little harsh and a part of me didn’t want to write articles anymore out of fear. Then I realized that I only have room to improve. Perhaps this is optimistic of me but I think as a young person this mindset will benefit me more than it will harm me.

A YouTuber that I watch recently made a video talking about making mistakes online which I thought was really insightful. She talked about how when you make mistakes online, they add to the person you’ve put out there. She then talked about how when you make mistakes in real life, the person that you’ve become after learning from those mistakes replaces the person you were before. I agree with her on the idea that the mistakes you make online will likely always linger but I also like to think that it’s possible to continue on improving despite those mistakes.

I sincerely apologize to anyone that I offended and I would like to thank those who took the time to offer constructive criticism to help me improve as a writer.