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Seniors look back on their high school careers with major advice to give

As the year comes to a close, seniors must say ‘goodbye’ to their conventional schools and move on to exploring an unknown future. Looking back on their high school experience, some students are glad to move on while others acquire graduation goggles, nostalgic over their closing teenage years marked by adventures and free time. At Granada Hills Charter High School (GHCHS), seniors remember all the stressful nights filled with loads of work but are grateful for the growth they have witnessed in themselves.

Specifically, senior Nara Avakian described the past four years as “growing” and told me that she could not even recognize who she was in the previous years. Avakian said that one of the most important lessons she learned was to simply “live for [herself].”

“My freshman year, I struggled a lot because I was constantly doing things for others. I ultimately realized that I was getting nothing in return. If you’re constantly living for others, whose life did you really live for? The only advice I can give is to be selfish sometimes. Sometimes, you have to do things for yourself, because, ultimately, that’s all you’ll ever have,” said Avakian.

Similar to Avakian, senior Ricky Valencia noticed a major change between who he is today versus who he was before. However, his development is most notable when considering his new work ethic and ongoing academic success. His advice for current and future students was to strive higher and try harder.

“In 9th and 10th grade, I hadn’t been doing the best of my abilities. Then, finally in junior year, I decided that I’d really attempt to [soar] in my classes. That semester I had gotten above a 4.0 and realized that I was capable of doing [well]. The more effort you put into your work, the greater the results will be and the more satisfaction you’ll receive. In one word, I would describe my high school experience as ‘stressful’…but successful. Cracking down on myself stressed me out a tremendous amount, but I got through that and can proudly say that I’m almost done with high school and that I’m going to go into college well-prepared for the workload,” said Valencia.

It is no secret that stress comes hand in hand with workload, however, one should make room for appreciating all that comes with the short period. Chelsea Cho made this clear to me as she said that the stress that accompanied high school was all worth it as the “past four years holds some of the most precious and fond moments in [her] life.” In one word, Cho claimed these years were “bittersweet.”

“I’ve definitely become more independent and confident in my ability to succeed in my future endeavours. I’ve also grown so much throughout my high school career. I’ve made lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories; I’ve discovered my goals and aspirations and developed my own beliefs. What I regret most is not taking advantage of all the opportunities and activities GHCHS has to offer. So, one thing I would tell future high school students is to never lose the chance of doing something that makes them happy,” said Cho.

As stated by the previous students, it is crucial to take full advantage of the education provided as well as the chance to build meaningful relationships and attend notable events. Therefore, incoming and present students should take note of what seniors have experienced and what advice they have to give. Make your four years remarkable by participating in all that peaks your interests and seek to excel in academics. Don’t waste this significant time in your life; tackle it with energy and ambition.

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