Artificial intelligence has been gaining steam in recent years, leading to questions of whether it is useful. (Image courtesy of Pixabay)
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Opinion: Artificial intelligence is more prominent than you think

With the rapidly growing advancements of technology, machines continue to expand into different areas of our daily lives as aspects of those everyday activities are gradually replaced by these machines. One of the most prominent technologies being continuously developed is artificial intelligence, also known simply as AI. Artificial intelligence has been incorporated into lots of different fields including health care, retail, manufacturing and even banking, according to SAS.

Not only is artificial intelligence integrated into various medical technologies used in hospitals such as giving out x-ray readings and providing personalized medicine, but it can also be available as a personal health assistant, according to SAS.

Most smartphones have a health app in which the artificial intelligence system can detect your heart rate, read cholesterol levels and even evaluate your diet to make sure you are staying healthy every day. After taking in your body’s personalized data, it is then able to remind you to eat healthier, drink more water or exercise more.

Artificial intelligence can also be used in the field of business by both manufacturers and consumers, according to SAS. On the consumer’s side, artificial intelligence can gather information on your previous purchases and shopping habits in order to provide more personalized advice or options when buying products in the future, also according to SAS.

This is similar on the side of manufacturers: by gathering data on the supply and demand of their products, artificial intelligence can provide a prediction on how much the manufacturers have to produce in order to maximize their profits, according to SAS. By gathering tons of data, artificial intelligence can efficiently compute and output helpful information that humans would normally not have the time for.

In addition to consulting, artificial intelligence can also help protect banks and individuals financially. Because AI is a machine, it is able to improve the efficiency of identifying frauds or scams. Once the AI system has encountered a financial security threat, it can further detect any other similar threats in the future and prevent any harm, as reported by SAS.

One common example of this can be seen once again through a smartphone. Although the AI system can’t always detect scam calls, it can recognize and evaluate a certain pattern scam callers use, so that even before you can pick up the call, your phone will let you know if the incoming call is likely a scam, according to SAS.

Although artificial intelligence may not seem as prominent in our lives today, we may soon reach a future where we cannot live without depending on artificial intelligence.