The Gazmarian soccer sisters commit to Ohio State


Brianna Gazmarian ’15 and her sister Courtney ’16 were 6 and 5, respectively, when they played in their first soccer game together. They have played together their entire lives, and that will not change when Brianna graduates in June. Both sisters have committed to play soccer for the Ohio State Buckeyes.

“Columbus is our new home. We are still going to be together as a family, just in a new city,” Brianna said.

The sisters have been on the same team numerous times throughout their lives. From their first AYSO game when they were in elementary school, to the Harvard-Westlake middle school team, and then to varsity, the sisters have always been by each other’s side, even at home where they share a room.

“It’s really fun [to play with Brianna] especially when we are on the same side,” Courtney said. “I am an outside midfielder and a striker and she is a defender so we help each other out. It’s comforting being able to trust your defender.”

The sisters spend most of their free time playing soccer, or doing other athletic activities like going for runs, or practicing skills.

“Every weekend we have our routine of going out to a soccer field down the street and doing touches and kicking the ball at what we call ‘the wall’,” Courtney said.

Brianna agrees and thinks that they motivate each other.

“This past summer we went to a field almost everyday and just trained together,” Brianna said. “We pushed one another, hard, but we also messed around. We always support one another but we also get on one another’s cases when one of us isn’t performing at the necessary level… I feel proud to have watched her grow as a soccer player especially this high school season.”

Brianna will graduate in June and head to Columbus. She will spend one year alone before her sister starts school the following year.

“It will be tough because I’m an emotional person so ill call home and say ‘I miss my family. I miss you guys I wish you were here’,” Brianna said.

Courtney believes that their year apart will strengthen their bond and relationship.

Brianna committed on her birthday November 8, 2014 which she called “a pretty good 18 birthday present.” She will head to Columbus in the Fall.

“I am so excited to be apart of an amazing university and represent my school,” Brianna said. I hope to one day win an NCAA National Champion Ring and I believe Ohio is the best place for me to be. Ohio State will give me the tools to hopefully achieving that goal along with my sister and teammates.”

Courtney committed in early December of last year and is excited to start playing for the Buckeyes in 2016.

“I’m just super excited to play division 1 ball and ready for the obstacles and challenges ahead of me. I’m so thankful for the opportunity I have and I hope to become a stronger player,” Courtney said.

The sisters will spend another three years playing together at Ohio State.

“I want to see how we grow together as players on the same team,” Courtney said. “Having your sister all the way across the country with you and on the same soccer team is pretty awesome.”

Brianna is also looking forward to attending and playing soccer for the same college as her younger sister.

“It will be nice to have family at a place so far away from home–we can look out for one another,” Brianna said. “We get to see each other grow not only as people but also soccer players and athletes at the same time.”

As for the future, both sisters are hoping to incorporate their love of sports in to their professions. Brianna is considering being a sports psychologist and Courtney is considering being a sports agent.

“I want to keep sports in my everyday life,” Brianna said. “I consider them a huge part of who I am, and I also have a huge interest in psychology. I am a people person and I love helping people who need advice as well as being apart of someone else’s happiness.”

One of Courtney’s fondest memories of playing soccer was at a tournament in San Diego.

“I will never forget when Brianna and I went to this big tournament surf cup in San Diego,” she said.  “I sat and watched her play in the championship game and win in overtime and I was cheering and so pumped because I got to play next. Turns out my team won the championship game too and we both had medals and jackets. Our parents got jackets too and embroidered then with ‘MOMMAGAZ’ and ‘POPPAGAZ’. I will never forget that memory”.

Late last year Brianna underwent ACL surgery.

“I told her [Courtney] multiple times after my ACL surgery that I will be living vicariously through her,” Brianna said. “One of the three goals she scored on Senior Night she said was for me. I will never forget her telling me that, she made me feel even more apart of the team and reminded me that no matter what she will always be there to support me.”

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