Eun Seo Choi (Elly) with mayor Eric Garcetti
Harvard-Westlake High School

Women’s Leadership Series program: Celebrating Rosa Parks & Susan B. Anthony

On Feb. 6, I was able to attend the Women’s Leadership Series program: Celebrating Rosa Parks & Susan B. Anthony, at the Getty House. It was truly remarkable to see so many people from different backgrounds to come together in honor of the trailblazers of women’s equality.

I hope that all the readers will see that the actions of one, can make a monumental difference.

The event started with a brief introduction by Mayor Eric Garcetti, and was followed by the guest speaker of the day, Michelle King. King was educated by the LAUSD program, and after graduating college, started her job in the LAUSD program. She had worked her way up from a teacher, to the first African-American and second woman superintendent of the LAUSD program.


She hopes to bridge the gender gap between males and females.

“Women still do not necessarily make the same that men do… So there is still work to be done. The fight still needs to move forward with that,” King said.

Her speech, and the journey that led her here was truly inspirational, and moving. King hopes that her position as new superintendent can help “us as women find that voice, and have the courage to step out and step forward.”

Already, she is working to establish an all girls school that will be focused in science and technology.

The event came to a close with few remarks from the mayor.

“You’re not the leaders of tomorrow, you’re the leaders of today. Young people are the ones who push and make a difference,” Garcetti said.