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Minds Matter: Mental health awareness is crucial in schools

Students from Hilda Solis High School created PSA video regarding mental health awareness. (L.A. Times High School Insider)

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Mental health to me is very important and awareness around it should be highly known to everyone.

I know there are shelters or organizations to help with mental health awareness. I believe that it’s very important these organizations are very good to help teams know that they arere not alone.

At my school, Hilda L. Solis Learning Academy, we had a service-learning project all mental health awareness. We looked at the statistics around East L.A. and L.A. county.

I enjoyed my experience with it we also made a video about mental health awareness. Each of the videos has a different message surrounding mental health awareness and all of the videos were very well directed and shot, in my opinion. Overall, mental health awareness should be very important to everyone especially in high school where a lot of students feel like they are pressured and feel they are alone. 

My video focuses on the symptoms of depression.

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