Students from Hilda Solis High School created PSA video regarding mental health awareness. (L.A. Times High School Insider)
Hilda L. Solis Learning Academy

Minds Matter: Mental health awareness is important in schools

While working on my research about mental health, I learned many new things that I did not know before. I learned about the different types of mental illnesses along with the factors that lead up to them. While having the opportunity to research in class, to have a guest speaker speak upon mental health, I got a lot of insight into what mental health really is. 

To begin with, I learned that anxiety is the most common disorder in the United States, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. I always thought that depression was the most common disorder, but now I know that it is not. Anxiety affects many because they might be constantly worrying about what is going to happen in the future. 

Mental health taught me a lot and how important it is to get the word across about it. It is a condition of a person’s emotional, social and psychological well-being. There is so much behind mental health, far different than how it is portrayed on social media. The mental disorder could not be as big or could be very serious, no one knows for sure.

The PSA’s my group and I created helped me realize that people could have a mental health disorder and no one knows. The PSA’s could help bring awareness to those around us to know the importance of mental health. 

These videos could also help my peers in different ways. First, it could make them aware of what could be happening to their friends or just be informed. If the school comes across these videos, it could bring awareness and not make them feel alone or ashamed if they have any of these mental health disorders.

The community will feel more comfortable seeing these videos because they will get informed of what these mental health disorders mean and where they can find the help necessary. Lastly, the district will now know that students are interested in learning about mental health so there can be courses teaching it.