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Opinion: Los Angeles Dodgers were cheated out of the 2017 World Series

Years after the 2017 World Series, Dodger fans are still devastated over the loss of the world championship to the Astros. I remember watching that series. As my family and I gathered in the living room, ready to watch game 7, we were all nervous and anxious about the results. As the Astros were up by four runs in the ninth inning, we lost hope and shut off the TV as we weren’t pleased to see the Astros celebrate.

November 1, 2017, was a sad day for the city of Los Angeles. 

Almost three years later, the Dodgers community, including myself, was full of anger as the Astros were called out for cheating throughout the 2017 World Series. 

Major League Baseball concluded the team cheated during the 2017 season by using a camera to steal signs being relayed from the opposing team’s catchers to their pitchers, according to an NBC Los Angeles news report.

Astro players were aware of every pitch that was going to be thrown. A trash can was banged on every pitch to notify the batter what pitch was coming. 

It was really disappointing to think that after the Dodgers lost the 2017 World Series, many Dodger fans were so upset that they talked badly about their own players. Tons of fans bashed Clayton Kershaw for giving up a couple of hits, blaming the whole thing on him. Two years later, they are apologizing because they realized the series was not at all fair. 

“Well, I felt disappointed that LA was cheated out of a championship,” Hilda Solis Learning Academy teacher James Ng and a Dodger fan, said. “I am an L.A. native and to find out that something bad happened to my hometown, it’s just disappointing. 

This incident has not only affected those associated with baseball but the whole city of Los Angeles. 

“It’s really, really sad to see how far the Astros would go for victory. And you see the consequences of it. People’s lives have been pretty much destroyed,” Jjallil Sandoval, a former minor league player of the Houston Astros organization, said. “It’s a shame. It’s an organization that normally has good players and character, but I don’t know if it will ever be able to rebuild from this.”

There has been lots of talk about whether or not the championship should be taken away from the Astros. 

“Yes, I do think the championship should be taken away from the Astros because they didn’t win fair and square,” Yvonne Hidalgo, a Dodgers fan said.