Hollywood High School

Hollywood Sheik lives up to the Hollywood title


If you’ve attended a school play, a football game, Hollywood Idol, or even any of the school pep rallies, you’ve seen Cheyenne Dioh in action. You might know her as the girl who played the “big blonde lady,” Motormouth in “Hairspray” last year, or as one of the dancers in Dance Guard, and Laurie Tobenkin’s first period probably knows her as the girl who volunteers to bring breakfast in every morning.

However, her unique story and accomplishments push her beyond just a performer.

She started dancing not for performing purposes, but for physical health reasons. Dioh was born bowlegged. Her mother believed that exercise such as dance would help her legs. As a result, Dioh was put in a ballet class at age three. After some time, it became obvious that ballet really was helping and it was also obvious that she had a talent.

Dioh is now 17 years old and is dancing more than just ballet. She dances mostly hip-hop and technical, but she can groove to anything. She is on the school’s Dance Guard, is vice president of Dance Club, and has even taken charge in planning band’s choreography for this year’s homecoming.

Her biggest highlight of her dance career is the fact that she is now an official Clippers’ dancer. She attends practice on Saturdays and she will start dancing on the court at Clippers’ games as soon as she turns 18.

Cheyenne is getting paid to take in part of what she’s most passionate about. Besides getting paid, this career will also be taking care of Dioh’s tuition at any college she decides to attend.

“Dance is life, that’s all I can say,” she says.

Besides dancing, she also has other talents in the bag that are not dance related. In last year’s musical, “Hairspray,” she played a major singing role. At the time, when Dioh auditioned, she had just recently moved from Georgia and it was her first time giving a musical a try, but those two factors were not obstacles for her. She obtained the role of Motormouth, who was a lead role. She proved to Hollywood High’s audience that she is not only a dancer, but also a singer.

Dioh’s involvement with the media is not recent news. She has modeled for Abercombie & Fitch and she was even a model for Justice when she was 11.

Currently, she also has an internship with CNN.

Dioh hopes to attend USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism and potentially become a journalist. She also dreams about one day having a talk show or being an anchor on CNN or CBS.

Regardless of taking part in such a variety of activities, she manages to juggle her three APs (AP Biology, AP English Literature, AP Government) with her extracurriculars.

“Don’t limit yourself,” says Dioh. These words have allowed her to complete all of her accomplishments.