Hollywood High School

‘It Takes Two’ — a video on social justice


Last year, my good friend and I decided to create a video for Bresee Foundation’s 10th Annual Film Festival on Social Justice. The topic was on immigration reform. This festival is a way great to spread awareness on the topic, but not only to adults but teens like myself. The festival gave me the chance to developed a better understanding on immigration and how it is currently being dealt with.

That year there were 24 undocumented boys and girls at our youth center. My good friend and I wanted to capture a little bit of what we saw with our own eyes. We wanted to express both points of view and how immigration affects both sides, both worlds.

The making of this video was one great learning experience. I was determined to finish this film despite many setbacks thrown our way. But we did it! I got the chance to work and teach youth what I had learned over the years and had the chance to work with one of the undocumented kids at my youth center.