People celebrate the Supreme Court decision
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#LoveWins: an American victory

People celebrate on Instagram using #LoveWins
People celebrate on Instagram using #LoveWins

Americans storm social media with #LoveWins after a 5-4 majority in the Supreme Court allowing for same-sex marriage nation wide, marking a huge step for the country and civil rights.

So what does this now mean for the country? This decision is a giant step for civil rights and is one of the biggest decisions of this century so far. It is a stepping stone for this country as it walks towards a time of acceptance and equality.

I woke up this morning to a country changed and to a public who is basking in the victory for gay rights. This court decision is so much more than just a victory for the gay community, it is a victory that Americans were waiting for, no matter the sexual orientation, people are still celebrating.

Equality is something we all seek and hope to have. So Friday’s event is bringing a much-needed satisfaction for all kinds of people, because it means that we are being open as a country to new things and respect the feelings and rights of other people.

June 26, 2015 marks a historic day for America, and social media platforms are flooding with posts and the hashtag, #LoveWins, to celebrate this momentous event. Instagram is full of posts of people at D.C waving their flags, hugging their loved ones and celebrating this decision. Twitter is in on the social action as tweets are being posted every second with the same hashtag. Twitter even encourages the use of the hashtag and says it will add a rainbow heart to all the posts that use it. Even the much used Snapchat has made room for filters that say “Making History” and another with the symbol of equality. The American public is embracing this ruling with open arms, making this decision for the LGBTQ community a victory for them, their supporters, and Americans in general because at the end of the day that is what we all are, American.

Now of course this news is not going to be accepted by everyone, there are always to sides to every story. There will be people who will think this decision is wrong for the foundation of marriage, maybe even think of it as a step backwards for the country. No matter what side we stand on in this controversial topic, we need to realize that we are in changing times. Things change every day and that is something we cannot avoid. They say change is good, but it is obviously something that takes some getting used to.

Today is a sign of change and what it can lead to for this country. It is 2015 and people are just becoming accepting to same-sex couples, and so allowing them to marry allows them to feel that union of love and bonding that so many of us seek, no matter what our orientation is, we all love this crazy thing called love. What is being seen on the social sites is a symbolic way of Americans to stand up, join hands, and cheer for this accomplishment. There have been many changes in life, this is just one of them and soon enough we will see it as the new normal.

So let us all join in on this symbolic union and celebrate, congratulate, and support those who wanted this to happen because it’s here: love won. #LoveWins