Mural in East Hollywood symbolizing the Armenian Genocide.
Hollywood High School

Never forget

I feel it in my heart
In my veins
Blood flows through my body
It reminds me of my roots
I feel the torture
The pain that my ancestors
And many more felt
How can I get over it
How can I forget
1.5 million people slaughtered
Innocent women raped
Children murdered
Families massacred in front of each other
How can I forget
When our land was stolen
When people fail to recognize genocide
When facts, pictures, stories show the truth
Yet we are called liars
We feel it everywhere
In our souls
Tears pouring through our bodies
We are reminded that we are still here
We feel the strength
The pain that Armenians
Any many more feel
How can we not march
How can we not demand
More than 10 million exist
To tell this story
Obtain peace
Be heard by people who don’t accept the truth
How can we not demand
When we are at a 100 years
When denial pushes us even more
When the news, celebrity figures, stories show our determination

-Azniv Derdzakyan

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