Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Clinton
Hollywood High School

Serve A Year campaign goes live

Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Clinton
Jimmy Kimmel and Chelsea Clinton

Chelsea Clinton and Jimmy Kimmel joined ServiceNation to hold an event on March 23 to announce the launch of the Serve A Year campaign, which is an initiative to encourage many young people to serve their communities through programs like Americorps, after graduating from high school. Among the over 200 people in attendance were Hollywood executives, senior corporate executives and Hollywood High students.

“This is a critical time for our country. We have pressing challenges on many fronts and young people hungry to both help strengthen their communities and develop the skills and experiences employers are looking for, “ said Clinton, Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation. She spoke about bringing together private sector companies and multiple national service organizations to create service opportunities for youth.

Zach Maurin, executive director of ServiceNation, was also present at the function. “We want to redefine growing up to include a service year that will help tackle our nation’s challenges and empower the next generation,” said Maurin. He mentioned that in order to promote Serve A Year they will need help from the entertainment industry, that’s why they enlisted the help of companies like Tumblr and television shows such as ABC’s “The Middle”.

Liba Rubenstein, Director of Outreach for Tumblr, announce that Serve A Year would be the first campaign to partner with Tumblr. While DeAnn Heline, co-creator and executive producer of “The Middle” announced that Brad Bottig, one of the main characters, “will join AmeriCorps next season.” The actor who plays Brad, Brock Ciarlelli, said that he was honored to be “the first ever AmeriCorps member on a prime-time television show.”

“Serve on and build the country together,” said actor Joe Morton, who was featured on the PSA for Serve A Year.

-Erika Salazar