Screenshot of the film "Let's Talk." (Erika Martinez)
Hoover High School

Let’s Talk: Combating Mental Health Stigma at Hoover High School

Over the past school year, I produced a film regarding mental health stigma at Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale. Originally created as a year-long assignment to fulfill the senior project requirement for my AP English Literature class, I soon realized this film could serve a greater purpose.

I was inspired to produce “Let’s Talk” after my own experiences with mental illness and the experiences that my classmates have shared with me throughout high school. I spent several years bottling up my thoughts and emotions until I finally sought help during my junior year where I was later diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

No one should have to deal with a mental illness alone, and as I began to do research, I learned there are many resources available in my school district and community to support students in crisis. It is for this reason that I believe mental health awareness can truly make a difference in our community.

My hope is that anyone out there who may be suffering in silence, hesitant/unable to seek help, or concerned about a loved one can watch this film and be reassured there are many people out there who understand what you or someone you care about is going through.

Most importantly, I hope that we can foster a community that encourages mental health discussion and supports those who are yet to open up about their experiences.

Feel free to share the film link.