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Taylor Swift leaves her mark at Staples Center

Numerous quick changes, three jaw dropping surprises, and one superstar. Taylor Swift’s closing night at the Staples Center was one unforgettable Wednesday night in Los Angeles. On her 1989 World Tour, Swift’s opening acts included Vance Joy and HAIM. Joy got the crowd in the perfect mood with his great setlist including hits “Mess is…
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Melody Shahsavarani

August 30, 2015

Numerous quick changes, three jaw dropping surprises, and one superstar. Taylor Swift’s closing night at the Staples Center was one unforgettable Wednesday night in Los Angeles.

On her 1989 World Tour, Swift’s opening acts included Vance Joy and HAIM. Joy got the crowd in the perfect mood with his great setlist including hits “Mess is Mine” and “Riptide.” The Australian singer thanked the Los Angeles crowd and Swift for the endless support and this great opportunity.


Vance Joy melted hearts all around.

After Joy came on, Grammy nominated sister band HAIM rocked the stage with their killer setlist. Not only was the arena blown away by their stage presence, but also their breathtaking drum offs by each sister. Lead singer and guitarist, Danielle Haim, strutted down the runway while ripping her guitar to shreds. Este and Alana Haim shed an enormous amount of energy within each song. Performing their track “Pray to God” produced by renowned DJ,  Calvin Harris, as an acoustic version illustrated the girls’ eclectic talent on stage.


Sister band HAIM rocked the Staples Center.

Then the moment came, 25-year-old Grammy-winning artist Taylor Swift graced the stage as a near 20,000 roared with excitement. She opened up her fifth and final sold out show at the arena with “Welcome to New York.” Sparkly ensemble paired with white shades, Swift took the stage by storm. She shared with the audience how honored she was receiving her banner from the legendary Kobe Bryant for the record of the most sold shows at the Staples Center. 16, well deserved.

As a thank you Swift said, “I know tonight will be special, you guys giving all your energy, singing along, I have some great surprises.”

Screams were heard all around. Swift throughout her entire 1989 Tour has surprised audiences each night with huge stars. Her past four L.A. shows consisted of: Matt LeBlanc, Kobe Bryant, Mary J. Blige, Beck, Alanis Morissette, and that is not even the whole list.

Swift was tired of always singing to a dark arena, so her and her team decided to give every attendee an LED light-up bracelet which were synchronized on specific parts of each song. Such as during “I Knew You Were Trouble” when Swift hit the iconic high note, each bracelet created a wave of fury red around the arena, with the smoke machines firing the edges of the runway.


LED bracelets go off during “I Knew You Were Trouble.”

Then came the first surprise of the night. Swift knew the crowd was ready, anxiously waiting. She introduced her longtime best friend, Selena Gomez, to debut her first live performance of her summer smash “Good for You.” Gomez and Swift were beaming with happiness as the duo strutted the runway with great confidence.


Beaming with joy, Taylor welcomes Selena Gomez.

Within minutes as the first guest left, Swift was strapped on with her guitar to be lifted above the audience. The runway slowly rose and Swift began to give an inspirational speech on how thankful she is for this beautiful night, and how she has overcome some bad days. Swift was inspired at her meet and greet before the show to perform her track “Mean.”

As the runway spun around throughout the arena, Swift walked to the other side where a piano was waiting for her to take 20,000 of us to her 2008 chart topping single “Love Story.”


Swift serenaded the crowd with “Love Story” on the piano.

As she graciously was brought down, Swift felt the crowd was ready for another surprise.

She introduced this next guest as a coffee shop singer, and that it is their first time on a huge stage. Many looked at each other in confusion, then we here “everyone please welcome Phoebe Buffay.” Applauses flooded all over, actress Lisa Kudrow came on, guitar in hand, as her iconic character from the hit sitcom “Friends” to perform “Smelly Cat.” Nostalgia was definitely in the air.


Lisa Kudrow joins Swift for a duet of “Smelly Cat.”

Speechless after every song, Swift never stopped the momentum. The beginning strums of “Style” began. This performance perfectly showcased the deserving success Swift has received worldwide. She knows how to make every single fan feel they are truly a part of each performance.

Then the moment came that absolutely no one expected. A surprise that will be forever cherished to not only every single attendee, but Swift as well. Swift herself could not believe she was introducing this next guest.

“He is named the entertainer of this generation, I can’t believe I’m saying this, Los Angeles please welcome Justin Timberlake.”

Surprised is an understatement. This was legendary.

At that moment “Mirrors” began to play. Two incredible, eminent musicians came together to create a magical duet. 20,000 people on their feet, belting every word. Timberlake graciously praised Swift at the end.


Swift and Timberlake meshed their powerhouse vocals for “Mirrors.”

Waiting for Swift and another remarkable quick change, a video montage was played on the screen of her friends known as the “ultimate girl squad.” Cameos consisted from Cara Delevingne, Jaime King, Lena Dunham, and even childhood friend Abigail Anderson sharing their fondest memories with their superstar friend.

Then the stage was set for her hardcore, record-breaking track “Bad Blood.” Swift came on in a fierce black leather ensemble, walked with strength and confidence rocking to each line. After followed a remix performance I never imagined would happen, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” rock version. It worked perfectly. She killed it on the electric guitar as her hardcore looks played behind her. Girl power embraced the room.

The finale of the entire show kept me at awe. Swift out in a green flapper outfit performed her 2014 summer smash, first chart topping single off “1989,” dance anthem “Shake it Off.” Her and each dancer elevated one last time on that runway and created the biggest dance party Staples Center has ever had.

The 1989 World Tour is one to witness. Taylor Swift knows how to make a two-and-a-half-hour show memorable from beginning to end. Her talent on stage was just one of many examples why this 25 year old has truly deserved every recognition. Swift is on top and no one can bring her down.


Swift closes her fifth and final night with “Shake it Off.”