2016 High School Journalism Day!

On Saturday Oct. 22, 182 students from 32 high schools across Southern California attended High School Journalism Day at California State University, Northridge. Students participated in contests, workshops and Q&A’s with professors and journalists from across the media industry, including the Center for Investigative Reporting, #EmergingUS, Univision, BlackGirlNerd, Buzzfeed and the LA Times. Advisers met with SCJEA president Lacey Hatfield and learned InDesign skills from CSULB and Golden West professor Gary Metzker.

One unique contest was “Message to my next president.” Students in the opinion writing contest were split into groups of five and given 30 minutes to compose a collaborative message about the one issue they want the next president to address, before performing it in front of their peers.

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California State University Northridge Journalism Department

Southern California Journalism Education Association

Los Angeles Pro Chapter, Society of Professional Journalists

Los Angeles Times, High School Insider

With thanks to:

California State University, Northridge Department of Journalism

Linda S. Bowen, Chair

Daniela Gerson, Assistant Professor, Journalism

Virginia Avila, Undergraduate Academic Adviser

Tracy Mulcahy, Administrative Support Coordinator

Maribel Barba, Temporary Administrative Analyst

Gilbert Zirrakyan, I.T. Consultant

Greater Los Angeles chapter, Society of Professional Journalists

Navid Nonahal, President

Southern California Journalism Education Association

Lacey Hatfield, President

Press Photographers Association of Greater Los Angeles

David Fernandez, Chairman of the Board

Gerard Burkhart, Educational Chairman

Los Angeles Times, High School Insider

Kyle Finck, Section Lead, High School Insider

Suzy Jack, Vice President, Events and Public Affairs