A perfect ending for Burbank High football

As the Burbank High School football season comes to an end, tensions and anxiety continue to rise as the last football game arrives; and it’s the biggest one yet.

The City of Burbank’s flagship high school, Burbank High, and crosstown rival, John Burroughs High School, varsity football teams faced off for the final homecoming game on Nov. 4.

As the Burbank Bulldogs and Burroughs Indians varsity football teams clash for the 68th time on the field, hundreds of supporters repping both schools came out to watch the long-awaited showdown of the season.

People from all around Burbank came out to show their pride. This diverse audience included parents, teachers, administrators, and most of all, the City of Burbank’s own students, all swarmed to the game to show their support. For Burbank High, girls came with blue football marks under their eyes and blue bandannas, and boys showed up shirtless, some in groups with letters on the chest to spell out their support, and others with their torsos drenched in blue paint.

The Burbank High student section as a whole was also extremely excited. Burbank High Spirit Commissioner AJ Rivera, helped hype up the student section, as he chanted, “Let’s go Burbank!” followed by those familiar five claps, “We can’t hear you!”, and “I believe you just got skunked!”, to the opposing team; in addition, Rivera led the students in the “Rollercoaster” and the “Wave.”

Also aiding in thrilling the crowd, the Burbank High cheerleaders and marching band performed their trademark routines, with hearts and drums both pounding.

Burbank VS. Burroughs Showdown
Burbank vs. Burroughs showdown.

Despite player injuries on Burbank High, the Bulldogs did not let that discourage them from exuding passion and fearlessness in their game. Burbank High senior Forest Fajardo was unable to play with his team due to a rib injury, and other teammates such as defensive lineman/punter Danny Porras was out as he had broken his foot during practice. Nevertheless, the players strove to win, and successfully did with a score of 36-7, this game adding Burbank High’s winning four times in the last five years.

As the junior varsity team had defeated Burroughs’s the night before, the varsity boys pulled through with another win against their rivals and ended the football season perfectly. These boys represented Burbank High School with strength and sportsmanship- always contributing the school’s slogan “It’s Great To Be A Bulldog.”