ACT to save Cecil’s pride: Album to benefit Cecil the Lion

Many felt shock, disbelief, and anger this summer when hearing the news that Cecil the Lion had been killed by an American dentist, who paid a reported $55,000 for the opportunity kill a living entity.  Disgust is the singular word that describes how I felt.  Like many I accepted a loss of faith in humanity. Like many, I left my feelings at that.

Others ACTed!

This September a group of amazing artists came together to create a 41-track album titled “Saving Cecil’s Pride”.  Produced by RadHaus under the direction of Executive Producer Rebekkah Hilgraves, this 3-CD set compilation is 40 hours of ambient, new age, world beat, and experimental music.  All of the music was donated; as well, all of the artworks, cover design, writing, and photography were all donated from all over the world.

All profits from this album go directly to Big Life Foundation. This foundation is a conservation organization in Africa whose mission is to protect wildlife.  Big Life has created some of the most innovative and successful anti-poaching and predator programs in Africa.

You can also support Cecil via Taylor Swift’s latest music video “Wildest Dreams.” Swift will send all proceeds from her video to the African Parks Foundation of America (APFA).

A reminder of the atrocity that occurred… Cecil the Lion was lured out of his protected territory in the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe, and killed illegally in a hunt by a “hunter” so he could have an animal trophy and brag that he killed a lion.  Imagine the ego! The poor animal was wounded and then tracked for two days before being fatally shot.  Who does this?  How do we as a society tolerate such inhumanity?

As disgusted as I am in the hunter and the group that enabled the hunt, my faith in humanity is inspired by all of the people who came together to ACT against such injustice.  For it is only through human action that this world of ours will change.  We are the voice and leaders of the future.  We must emulate action for causes that simply cannot be allowed to continue.  Life is precious and it is incumbent upon us all to support causes like “Saving Cecil’s Pride”.  Not only can we support the eradication of poaching of wildlife, but the win-win is that the album is full of interesting tracks.  Be an agent for change.  I am Cece for Cecil.

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