An inside look, Garfield vs Roosevelt

On the day of such a big game one might wonder how players mentally prepare themselves to face their opponents. Especially if that opponent is your crosstown rival. 

The Roosevelt Rough Riders hosted the Garfield Bulldogs in quite the anticipated matchup. After weeks of preparation, the Garfield Bulldogs took to the court in hopes to acquire their fourth straight win in the Eastern League. 

Guard Stevie Williams guides us through the preparation of such an important game as he along with his other teammates enjoy each others company throughout the school day leading up to the evening’s event.

Both teams gave it their all for thirty-two minutes and while only one may rise victorious,

“It’s just about having bragging rights for the year. It’s about having fun, that’s it.” said Williams as he proceeded to engage with his teammates before the big game.

—Donnaldo Escobedo