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Auli’i Cravalho gives audiences an exclusive sneak peak into Disney’s new series ‘Hailey’s On It’

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Shaun Thomas

June 9, 2023
The highly anticipated release of Disney Television’s newest project “Hailey’s On It” premiered June 8 on Disney Channel and is now available for streaming on Disney+.

This new series follows Hailey Alohilani Banks, the 14-year-old titular character who has to save the world and be bold to overcome her fears. Hailey also learns valuable lessons about friendship and believing in oneself along the way. With its relatable themes and diverse cast, “Hailey’s On It” promises to captivate audiences worldwide.

Auli’i Cravalho, the voice of Hailey, spoke about her role the upcoming show. 

Auliʻi Cravalho voices Hailey on “Hailey’s On It!” (Raul Romo)

Cravalho, known for her previous voiceover work and starring role as the titular character in Disney’s “Moana,” expressed her love for the voice acting medium. She described how it allows her to immerse herself in the character without the distractions of physical performance.

The heart, courage, and risk-taking qualities of Hailey resonated with Cravalho, she said, drawing her to the role and inspiring her to infuse the character with life and authenticity. 

Cravalho said she’s “been lucky enough to do is work on characters that have incredible hearts that take risks, that believe in themselves, that are incredibly brave, and that are young women of color.”

When asked about Hailey’s relatability, Cravalho praised the show’s writers for their masterful blend of humor, friendship, and universal themes.

“There are relatable things as well, like entering into a contest or getting a big haircut. I think these themes are relatable to a lot of young audiences,” Cravalho said.

Cravalho also emphasized the importance of showcasing a diverse cast both on and off-screen, empowering viewers to pursue their dreams.

A segment from Disney’s “Hailey’s On It!” called “Catching Felines.” (Disney)

Reflecting on her experience on set, Cravalho shared how fun and rewarding it has been. Spending hours in the recording booth, she relished the recent opportunity to meet the team in person, feeling the positive energy and witnessing their laughter during her takes. Cravalho expressed gratitude for this “new normal” and the genuine connections she made while working on the project.

When asking her about her favorite moment, memorable moments for Cravalho involved recording music tracks for the show.

Hailey enters like a pop star competition in one episode. There’s a rap about hats in another episode. I also enjoy when I gets to play different characters other than Hailey, which is unique to working on animated series,” Cravalho said.

She contrasted this experience with films.

“For a film, I kind of have to stick to the same character, but for this, I get to play, sometimes, like a strange side character, and that makes me really happy as an actor to just do funky weird stuff,” she said.

Cravalho mentioned how film projects have a consistency and slower pace, while TV series demanded rapid emotional transitions within each episode. She praised the growth opportunities provided by each medium, crediting her stage work for teaching her presence and confidence, which she brings into her voice acting performances.

Cravalho discussed how her experience in singing and performing enhances her voice-acting skills. She mentioned improved communication in music sessions and credited her involvement in various artistic mediums for overall growth and development as an actor. Her continuous learning and evolution across different platforms contribute to her passion for the craft.

Alongside Cravalho’s acting career, she aspires to explore production and directing while staying connected to her community.

“I also hope to continue working with my community and feel very strongly that we are inheriting like a dying earth,” Cravalho said. “I want to know how to work in those important climate change and and political issues that feel so overwhelming. I also wonder how to tackle both a growing career and my own like personal fears that of the world that we’re inheriting.”

Deeply concerned about pressing issues such as climate change and politics, she aims to make a positive impact and raise awareness through her work and personal engagements.

A segment from Disney’s “Hailey’s On It!” called “The Beginning of the Friend.” (Disney)

“I really hope that audiences enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed working on it, it’s a great point of pride for me and I hope people enjoyed enough for many seasons to come.”

As fans begin viewing “Hailey’s On It,” they can anticipate a captivating story that may continue to unfold in future seasons.

With Auli’i Cravalho at the helm, “Hailey’s On It” promises to be a captivating and empowering Disney show, showcasing the talent and versatility of its remarkable cast. The series is set to make waves with its relatable storytelling, memorable characters and infectious music.

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