Bastille rocks out at the Troubadour

Bastille’s final show for their “The Born To Be Wild World Mini Tour” tour was one for the books with another sold-out crowd at the Troubadour Monday night.

These four South Londoners Dan Smith (lead singer), Chris “Woody” Wood (drums), Will Farquarson (guitar) and Kyle Simmons (keyboards) took the stage with their first lead single, “Good Grief,” off their new album “Wild World.”

The opening line of the track from the sci-fi film,“Weird Science,” perfectly ties the energy of any Bastille show with only question in mind: “so what would you little maniacs like to do first?”

Lead singer from Bastille, Dan Smith, performs Monday night at the Troubadour.
Photo credit: Melody Shahsavarani

Bastille played at this same intimate gig three years ago, a time where they first started out in the U.S. trying to gain momentum. Fast forward to now the band has had two Grammy nominations, multiple hit singles, and two best-selling albums.  

Smith’s energy is one to take note, jumping from one side to the next he never fails to flow through the keyboard to the drums. The band opened the intimate show with the three opening tracks off “Wild World.”

Smoothing into the second track “The Currents,” which depicts living in a world focused on the opinions of people with a delusional, unethical mindset, Smith dedicated it to the “little orange man we all know.” Lyrical interpretation of the song speaks the minds of many about this ego-centric man who shall not be named.

As Smith chatted up the crowd between songs, the electric cords of “Power” engulfed the room with roars heard all around. This track is one of their best off the chart-topping sophomore album. The anticipation created through each verse towards the chorus, pulses through the speakers. As Smith’s vocal hits the chorus, the energy is infused with the audience locked in and moving to Farquarson’s strums.

With any Bastille show the mood can flip within a matter of seconds, from their mixtapes to albums the most emotion-filled tracks come with soothing vocals from Smith and a slowed down set. With just him and Farquarson, the tranquil vibe of “Two Evils” began.

But just after, the lights roared up, flashing beams, the upbeat tempo, and the heart of their horn sections catapulted to “Send Them Off!” The fans within a matter of seconds hooked onto the momentum as they hear the opening cinematic quote. Smith’s dancing was a class act in this particular track, one hand waving back and forth, and acting through his lyrics.

Gu from Bastille, Dan Smith, performs Monday night at the Troubadour.
Photo credit: Melody Shahsavarani

Bastille’s stage presence is breathtaking. Drummer Woody tends to put his own twist on things adding a nice mix to some tracks for the live aspect. Form their rock-induced “Blame” to “The Anchor.”

The band surprised the crowd with a debut performance of the bonus track “Way Beyond.” Smith shared they were rushed with time in rehearsal so participation from the audience was welcomed. The performance passed expectations and beat the odds.

The night came to a close as the band went back to their roots with memorable tracks “Flaws,” “Things We Lost In the Fire,” “Bad Blood,” and the worldwide hit of “Pompeii.”

Smith’s signature in every performance of “Flaws” he enjoys maneuvering through the entire venue. As the synthetic beat began, he was quick to the stairs, and climbed around the attendees. Standing on the ledge, dancing, never missing a note. He was quick to join his beloved fans downstairs creating a circle around Smith embracing everyone, jumping to new heights.

Lead singer from Bastille, Dan Smith, performs Monday night at the Troubadour.
Photo credit: Melody Shahsavarani

The chanting began for “Pompeii” and a wave of emotions filled the room. Fans were hooked, the control was in the hands of Smith, Farquarson, Woody and Simmons. Hitting the bridge Smith banged the drums with each note and with a motion like wave the fans never stopped the passion.

Bastille deserve more recognition than given. Their stage presence, entrancing performances along with eclectic talents mend together the perfect formula of a band to hold onto and witness live.

“Wild World” is available everywhere worldwide. Bastille will be back in the U.S. for their “WILD, WILD WORLD TOUR 2017.”

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