Burbank High School – the year winds down

With only one more day of school left at Burbank High School, excitement roars throughout campus. Talks of graduation, summer plans, and college anxiousness are heard from every corner. It is now the time to return textbooks and for seniors, hold on their last few hours ever in high school. Some students happy to leave, but some sad to go.

This year has been filled with many positives and challenges. All the way from the first school event – the foam dance, to the rallies, to homecoming, to games, to prom, many students shared good vibes. However, some challenges arose from the stress of grades, tests, and some of our favorite teachers leaving. Nevertheless, this school year has been memorable.

Now on to the good stuff. Summer is a time of fun and leisure, little to no stress and pure relaxation. Summer activities are extensive from going to a friend’s house or to going all the way to Europe. Kids like to spend time going to amusement parks, music festivals, vacation, and many to sleep. Summer plans being the commonplace of conversation during this time as students express great alacrity as summer quickly approaches.

“My summer plans are to completely avoid school and ignore responsibilities,” said junior Alex Cetin. Well said. Also, students aren’t the only ones eager about summer- teachers have big plans too.

“This summer, I’m traveling to London, Ireland, and Scotland!” said Statistics/ Trigonometry teacher Ms. Morgan.

College exhilaration fiercely consumes the graduating class of 2016. Some incoming college freshmen are staying local to California through popular colleges such as CSUN, UC Irvine, UCLA, and UC San Diego- and some not so local as some graduating seniors travel to New York, Massachusetts, Arizona, and even London! It is safe to say that the graduating seniors are excited to start their new lives.

As for us underclassmen, we still look forward to continuing our years here at Burbank High School. We and the seniors have formed extremely meaningful and valuable relationships with our fellow classmates- and many considering these “classmates” family.

No matter where we venture off to, we still will call Burbank and the Bulldogs our home. It is important to remember where you came from – and always remember: It’s Great to Be a Bulldog!

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