Champions are made in the off-season

Golden Valley High has been a struggling football program since day one. Coming into their 11th year as a footballprogram, the Grizzlies are looking to change the image that everyone has about
them.  They are working hard to increase
their skills for next season by intensifying the off-season training program.

In Coach Dan
Kelly’s first year, he realized that the Grizzlies needed more off-season work. Coach
Kelly came from Arleta High and Sylmar High where he won three CIF
championships as an offensive coordinator.
Coach Kelly understands the old saying “Champions are made in the off-season.” In previous seasons the Grizzlies have not truly dedicated themselves
to lifting.  Coach Kelly is changing
that. Coach Kelley noted “I am here to stay, and I am hoping to change the
culture of this program.”

The Grizzlies
have been putting in 10 hours a week in the weight room, focusing on three main
lifts—power clean, bench press and squats; and despite their lack of a field
due to winter sports, have been using the blacktop to practice footwork.

Kelly said, “I am trying to turn this team into hard-working athletes. They are
working hard in the weight room and on the blacktop. I am looking for big
things from Julian Torres a returning senior, Tai Brown an incoming junior, as
well as Shane Tamura the returning senior running back, and a lot of other

The Grizzlies are changing the culture of Golden Valley by putting in
the necessary work.  They already have 24
players who have broken the 200-pound barrier for bench, and 31 players break
the 300-pound barrier for squat.

Sophomore Tai Brown says, “We are looking to
improve our game. We are taking it day by day step by step; giving everything
we have during every rep”.

Quarterback Victor Corona says “Coach Kelly has been pushing us harder than any
coach has ever pushed in my entire three years. I have already improved 20 pounds
in my bench since he has been here.”

Since their first league game in 2006, the
Grizzlies are winless in the Foothill League.
In the past, Golden Valley’s off-season program was centered on
conditioning. Kelly has changed that by involving weight room activities,
blacktop activities, and a little conditioning here and there. The Grizzlies
are going to be back on the field next week in hopes to intensify their training
even more. With a new program, a new focus, and more intensity, the Grizzlies are
hoping that all of their hard work will pay off come this fall season.

—Tai Brown