Cloyce Martin: Key to it all

You’ve seen him on TV and at his pop-ups, but what’s the real story behind the mastermind young chef, Cloyce Martin? As you may already know, he’s been on several culinary TV shows such as Man vs Child: Chef Showdown and has worked in several restaurants, but Martin didn’t begin there. In fact, he started his career as an actor.




In an exclusive interview, Martin divulged the truth behind his success. He began acting at the age of three and only fell  into his first culinary television gig. His agent posted a listing for a culinary show, for which he eventually gained the part . From there his popularity only grew and he became known nationally as one of the most prestigious young chefs on live television. After his debut, he ended up further pursuing his career by attending the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, California where he now serves as a highly active member in the Culinary Arts and Hospitality conservatory. Martin’s growing popularity in the culinary sphere as well as his sociable attitude led to not only fans, but his peers wanting to learn more and more about the deep secrets behind his success and career. Many of these people assert that the shows are set up to have a predetermined winner for each competition, so we asked the young chef and business owner what he had to say about these allegations. He claims that (at least for his show) the results in fact are real. “The judges actually would deliberate on who should win each round, sometimes for 29+ minutes” Martin explained. In addition he told us that he stumbled across a paper that showed him that the judges actually create pros and cons about each dish to find the true winner.


With the challenging competition being an essential part of these TV shows, Martin still claims that he holds great relationships with his competitors and the judges on the show. Although, he did state that he did have a bit of a social media feud with one of the chefs due to a social media fiasco but is unphased by this. He said that even with the harsh competition and all of the work that comes with his success, he would go back and do it all again but, “I probably would have capitalized on the hype from the show” and would have liked to launch a product while he was at his peak on the culinary spectrum. Though he’s not as active on culinary television anymore, he does continue on the path of culinary success.


Martin currently works and owns the Lock and Key pop up restaurant and his next opening is rumored to take place in February. As school is also a major aspect of Martin’s life, he told us that he must remain keeping his focus on his education at the well known Orange County School of the Arts. Exclusively, Martin has mentioned that he is currently recording for yet another culinary TV show with a notoriously known female chef! We’ll all just have to keep our eyes peeled to see what Cloyce Martin is up to next!