Coaching for over 40 years: Carolyn Gunny


      Gunny coaching the girls’ basketball team at Granada in 1988.

Whenever anyone hears that I play sports at Granada Hills Charter High School, the question, “Does Coach Gunny still coach there?” often comes up.  After I say yes, their responses are always filled with respect, awe, and delight.  Coaching for over 40 years, Coach Carolyn Gunny’s hard work, dedication, and obvious love for sports is something that we know well here at Granada.

Inducted to the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) Los Angeles City Section’s Hall of Fame in 2013, Gunny was the only honoree at the ceremony who is currently working as a teacher and coach. She was very grateful for the award.

“It’s very humbling,” Gunny said. “First of all, I know some of the people that passed away that should be there getting this award.”

Gunny’s love of athletics started when she was young, where she was involved in many sports. She was a member on the ski team and cheer teams. But Gunny’s real passion was in sports that required her to play defense where she could steal balls from the opposing team.

We know Gunny as our softball coach, but she has been coaching various sports and clubs for 41 years, including cheer, drill team, softball, baseball, and basketball for 27 years.

Also a recipient of the All-Time Model Coach Award in 2004, Gunny has been at GHCHS since 1971, and since then has mentored fellow coaches and taken on the position of Department Chair of the Physical Education (P.E.) department. Gunny has impacted staff and students at the school more than she knows.

“It’s hard to imagine Granada athletics without Carolyn Gunny,” Athletic Director Norm Holloway said. ”She’s so supportive and one of the biggest fans to have. She doesn’t just help students grow as athletes, but as young men and women.”

Gunny has a reputation for being not only challenging, but also supportive. She has seen athletes come and go, but will remember the most important things.

“Obviously, you remember your exciting games and your championships, but what’s really memorable is touching that one kid who needs help,” said Gunny. “Being there for them when they’re stressed, things like that.”

For those lucky enough to get to know Gunny, she has taught them patience, and most of all shown support and kindness to her athletes, students, and colleagues. Her love for athletics hasn’t gone unnoticed, and is apparent every day that she comes in to work.

“I look forward to sports. I look forward to my classes and my teams. I get up at four in the morning, ready to go,” she said.

—Tessa Weinberg

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