Connor Burns, left, Sarah Velasquez, center, and Sean Boskovich, right, prepare to sign their letter of intent to their future college. (Photo by Jenny Pineda)

Don Lugo athletes sign their letter of intent

National Signing Day is traditionally the first day a high school senior can sign a binding National Letter of Intent for a collegiate sport with a school that is part of the NCAA.

Sarah Velasquez, Connor Burns and Sean Boskovich all signed to further their future academic and athletic careers on Feb. 5.

The signing took place in the multi-purpose room at Don Lugo High School. The three student athletes sat on the stage with their future college and logos plastered on poster paper.

The room was filled with friends, family, teammates and coaches, all quietly awaiting Athletic Director Derek Donoho’s introduction of the athletes that would be signing.

Everyone in the room was anxious to see these student athletes officially sign to their new homes for the next four years.

“They sign their lives away,” said Donoho.

Filling the room with laughter and ease as they saw Donoho’s demeanor wasn’t as serious as he looks. Donoho led the tradition of the countdown to the official signing as the room chanted along, “Five, four, three, two, one!” The student athletes officially signed their letters of intent.

The room fell silent as the student athletes picked up their pens and began to sign their name. The sounds of cameras clicking and the sight of flashes brightened as families and friends began taking pictures of a moment they will never forget.

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Velasquez signed her letter of intent with the University of Crookston to pursue a future in softball. Sarah has been a four-year starter at Don Lugo for the Lady Conquistadores.

“I’m not so nervous about meeting new people, because I do know some people out there,” Velasquez said. “One thing that will be difficult is having to adapt to the weather because it’s so cold.”

Burns signed his letter of intent with the University of Long Beach and will be considered a walk-on catcher for the young team. Connor is a four-year starter at Lugo and is playing catcher for all four years since attending Lugo.

During his previous three years of Lugo baseball, he has been selected as a part of the Mt. Baldy first team and is looking to keep that streak alive this upcoming season.

Burns also won Mt. Baldy League MVP last year in his junior year. He plays hard on the field and carries his motivation into the classroom, as he maintained a 3.3 GPA in the first semester of his senior year.

“I don’t think there are nerves it’s just more about having the drive as soon as I get there because there are guys ahead of me that have already been there, but I really want to maintain a good connection with the guys and the coaching staff as soon as I get there,” Burns said. “I want to produce as much as I can to improve overall and perfect my game.”

Boskovich signed his letter of intent to Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Arizona, also for the sport of baseball. Boskovich transferred from Ayala High School to Don Lugo.

Boskovich is a two-year starter and was selected for the Mt. Baldy league first team last season. At Lugo, Sean plays pitcher, third base and first base.

Boskovich doesn’t only work hard for the baseball team and in the classroom. He maintained a 3.6 GPA which places him ninth in his soon-to-be graduating class. Boskovich has also achieved the CIF Champion for Character in 2019.

“I’m nervous about seeing what is truly out there and discovering everything Embry Riddle has to offer,” Boskovich said.