Ellie Goulding brought her Delirium World Tour last Friday night. Photo Credit: Melody Shahsavarani

Ellie Goulding rocks out at Staples Center

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When she arrived to the music scene there were doubts. Her voice stood out from the generic pop music, but she made her mark. Ellie Goulding brought her Delirium Tour to the legendary Staples Center on April 8.

Goulding first gained attention in the U.S. with her radio single “Lights” back in 2010. After a sparkling debut, she gradually rose to the top with the electro-pop infused album “Halcyon” and “Halcyon Days.” Back in November, Goulding released “Delirium,” an album top-heavy with dance-pop tracks, but still features her original image.

Lights went out and the beats from “Intro (Delirium)” began. Screams were heard all around as  her dancers pulled the golden drapes when her shadow appeared from behind.

The British songstress who wore a black and silver jacket accompanied with a black top and shorts, spun around and brought her high energy motion across the stage with “Aftertaste.” She moved perfectly with the beat and effortlessly performed its choreography. Never missing a beat or step, as the bridge hit she swayed towards a drum stand where she intensified the crowd with a noteworthy solo.

Her vocals are soft yet powerful. In “Goodness Gracious” the crowd rose to their feet jumping and dancing in unison as she sang the electric hook.

Hearts were beating fast, breathing was steadily coming back, as Goulding disappeared while two of her four dancers performed an interpretative dance to her slowed tempo heartbreak track “Heal.”

She graced the crowd with a white floor length dress, slowing down the momentum with “Explosions” and an acoustic performance of “Lights.”

Along with her impeccable vocal abilities, Goulding exemplifies a real talent: emotionally authentic songs, featuring true and raw emotions in every track. “Army,” an anthem tributing friendship, brought tears, smiles and fans surprising the 29-year-old with pictures of Goulding and best friend Hannah, who was the inspiration of the song.

Motion was ready to hit its pinnacle again as she appeared with another quick change, this time bringing a rocker edge. Goulding strapped on her black electric guitar, determined and ready to rock out with an intensified “Figure 8.”  Head banging, going full throttle, the chords of “On My Mind” sent the crowd into a frenzy. A notable song to mention was her catchy chorus and hook worthy song “Codes.” It’s the fun, dance track Goulding has been known to create.

To close the main set, Goulding took fans back to her 2013 pop smasher “Burn.” Cell phone lights lit up the arena, attendees dancing all around, but it was after the bridge that left her in awe. Near its finish, Goulding and her ensemble froze, spotlight shining on her, the crowd roared and applauded for a solid minute.

Short after the quick exit, she jumped back on for two encore performances. Eyes were peeled wide open as Goulding jumped with great heights singing the chorus of “Anything Could Happen,” some could assume a trampoline was built underneath, but that’s just how her adrenaline rolls. Her single from the worldwide phenomenon “Fifty Shades of Grey” is one of her biggest hits of her career, having her first Grammy and Golden Globe nomination with it. The sweet essence and slight rasp in her vocal range engulfed the arena. As it slowed down for the build up, her voice pierced through the speakers holding the final note with grace.

As confetti sprayed the Staples Center, Goulding thanked the crowd for her biggest show in Los Angeles yet. One night with her, truly exemplified that her talent is remarkable live, each performance is bound with a spark of realness.

Bebe Rexha was first to open, who has gained worldwide recognition from the chart-topping collaboration with rapper G-Eazy on “Me, Myself and I.” She treated fans with the original version of the track, along with performances of “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy” and current single with Nicki Minaj “No Broken Hearts.”

BROODS followed, a sibling duo composed of Caleb and Georgia Nott. Georgia, lead vocalist, brought the essence of synth-pop with songs such as “Bridges” and “Free.”


Intro (Delirium)

Holding on for Life
Goodness Gracious
Something in the Way You Move
I Do What I Love
Keep on Dancin’
Don’t Need Nobody
Lost and Found
Figure 8
On My Mind
Don’t Panic
We Can’t Move to This
I Need Your Love
Anything Could Happen
Love Me Like You Do